Football: Arsenal quarantines; Nottingham Forest owner has COVID-19, Olympiacos players negative

Arsenal players have undergone self-isolation as a precautionary measure after Nottingham Forest owner Evangelos Marinakis tested positive for corona virus (COVID-19), sparking fear throughout English football circles.

The 52-year-old Marinakis, who also owns Olympiacos, has already triggered multiple football clubs to do self-testings and quarantines as part of safety measures against the virus.

Arsenal’s quarantine comes after some staff and players had close contact with Marinakis two weeks ago, when the owner watched at the Emirates Stadium.

Nottingham recent lost to Millwall, 0-3 last Saturday.

Marinakis has interacted with many people in the industry over the course of the past weekend.

A scheduled Europa League clash between his Olympiacos and the Wolverhampton Wanderers, meanwhile, was also cancelled as Olympiacos players had to be tested.

Fortunately, the players who underwent corona virus testing all came back with negative results.

The Premier League has also postponed a fixture involving Arsenal and Manchester City.

It is the first match postponed over the virus, and it will be rescheduled for a later date.