‘Prison Break’ Reboot Shows Michael Scofield, Lincoln Burrows Having It Rough

Filming for the “Prison Break” reboot is currently going on in Vancouver and one of its stars is sharing some behind-the-scenes photo on social media. Dominic Purcell are warming fans up with photos from the set as “Prison Break” Season 5 prepares for its return.

“It’s a joy working with my friend on something that connects to all parts of the world. We both thank you for your continued support. Much gratitude Dom and Went,” shared Purcell, who plays Lincoln Burrows on “Prison Break” in an Instagram post last week. It shows his character and Wentworth Miller, who plays his brother Michael Scofield.

The brothers have wounds and bruises on their faces, which suggests their characters are having it rough in prison. Most of the original cast members are actually back for the reboot.

Dominic Purcell posted another photo while the “Prison Break” rebook is filming and he’s with wounds and bruises once again.  Speculations are that his character will rescue his brother in Yemen. A Twitter post bolstered this rumor as Wentworth Miller was spotted in a “Middle Eastern” cafe in the Vancouver set.

The “Prison Break” reboot is airing on Fox in the fall.