‘American Idol’ Reboot: Ryan Seacrest Returns as Host

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download Has Ryan Seacrest been convinced to return to “American Idol”? Reportedly, ABC’s planned reboot has had problems signing him on because he learned he will be earning less than Katy Perry, who will become one of the judges.

TV Guide, however, reports the host might have changed his mind as agreed to return. After a talk with Fremantle, which owns “American Idol,” Seacrest learned the show will have a new format and his appearance will be “significantly less,” hence the pay cut.

Seacrest will reportedly get paid $10 million as opposed to Perry’s $25 million. “Who am I if not the American Idol guy?” the host apparently said.

The “American Idol” reboot will be returning to television in spring of 2018. ABC  has already announced auditions for contestants 15 years old and above. Below are the audition dates:

Portland, OR – August 17
Orlando, FL – August 17
Miami, FL – August 19
Oakland, CA – August 20
Atlanta, GA – August 22
Provo, UT – August 23
Charleston, SC – August 25
Denver, CO – August 26
Asheville, NC – August 27
Omaha, NE – August 29
Louisville, KY – August 30
Tulsa, OK – September 1
Pittsburgh, PA – September 3
Shreveport, LA – September 4
Annapolis, MD – September 5
Muscle Shoals, AL – September 7
Boston, MA – September 8
Chicago, IL – September 11
New Orleans, LA – September 14

“American Idol” originally ran on Fox for 15 seasons and ended in 2016. Fox executives believe doing the reboot too early on another network was not the right move. When the show ended, Fox bosses thought they had an unwritten agreement with Fremantle about a revival. They did not expect ABC would win the bidding and win it too soon.

ABC has not yet announced who else will be joining Perry on the judges’ panel. Simon Cowell already said he’s no longer interested in coming back. Paula Abdul said she could return as mentor only. Randy Jackson was considered as host but he said he didn’t want to do it without Seacrest.

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