Fame a concern for Harry Styles’ GF

Harry Styles
Harry Styles (Wikipedia)
Harry Styles’ new girlfriend’s mother is worried about how his fame will affect her daughter.

The One Direction heartthrob is dating talent manager Joy Muggli and her mother Daniela Gronna has now revealed that while her daughter is more than capable of looking after herself, she’s worried Harry’s star status could have a negative impact on her career.

She told heat magazine: “I’m not sure if he [Harry] is aware of what [repercussions] he might cause in her life or her job. But Joy is curious about what’s coming next.”

Daniela also insists her 23-year-old daughter was never a massive fan of Harry’s band and that she would never date someone simply for “attention”.

Claiming Joy is a “very serious girl”, she explained: “She wouldn’t do something like this for attention. She doesn’t need that. Joy is not a person who has a boyfriend at all times. She is very selective about who she chooses.”

Speaking about the brunette beauty’s taste in music, Daniela continued: “She used to be a fan of Hilary Duff when she was young. She did like One Direction’s music, along with all the other music she listened to, but I wouldn’t say she was a fan.”

Harry is said to have fallen for Joy after being introduced through her colleague, the ‘Story of My Life’ singers music agent pal Jeff Azoff.

Daniela said: “They met through mutual friends. Joy knows a lot of people.”

Asked if Harry is Joy’s type, she added: “Of course – he is a very handsome guy. But there is a lot more to a relationship than good looks.”