Anne Hathaway stars in Song One

The music came before the images in the upcoming endearing romantic movie “Song One” starring Anne Hathaway directed by Kate Barker-Froyland who also worked as an assistant to the director in “Devil Wears Prada.”

“Song One” tells the story of how music connects and transforms people. Anne Hathaway brings a soulful characterization of Franny in the movie where she plays an anthropologist doing research in Morocco and returns to New York when her brother Henry (Ben Rosenfield), a young musician, suffers an accident that leaves him comatose.

Being emotionally and geographically distant from Henry and their mom Karen (Mary Steenburgen), Franny finds herself reconnected to her family and begins to understand and appreciate the depth of her brother’s commitment to music. She eventually sought out the performers and venues that Henry loved, in the course of her quest, she meets James Forester (Johnny Flynn), Henry’s idol whose success and fame belie a shy and private man. Soon, a strong romantic connection sparks between Franny and James, set against the backdrop of Brooklyn’s modern-folk music scene.

“The way this film came to be is another such testament to music’s power,” says director Kate. “For years, I’ve wanted to capture the music that’s such a big part of the community fabric in my Brooklyn neighborhood and surroundings—Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bushwick. As I wrote the script for “Song One,” I thought about shooting at the places where I like to listen to music. I wanted to portray what it’s like to go to shows, to be absorbed in the performances with a crowd around you. Of course, the landscape of the neighborhood has changed quite a bit since I began the script about five years ago. As places I loved closed down or were razed to accommodate new buildings, I would rewrite the script with new locations and newly-discovered venues.”

“Song One” will open in cinemas March 25 from Pioneer Films.