How will Fish Mooney depart from Gotham?

By now, most fans of the TV series Gotham may have heard that Jada Pinkett-Smith will no longer be around next season.

“We’re done, I did my year and I had a good time,” she tells Extra, adding that Fish will go out with a bang. “The show is gonna [have] an awesome finale.”

Despite a show which somehow relates it to the Dark Knight, the prequel has so far been a big hit for Fox. While there is a young Bruce Wayne in the series, that is the closest that fans could associate it with the caped crusader.

With Smith gone, does it follow that Fish Mooney would be killed too? Well, not entirely. Smith will still be around come the season finale so it would all depend perhaps on what part Fish would have come the end of season 1.

For their part, the producers had this to say:

“Fish Mooney’s storyline takes a lot of interesting twists and turns into the finale of season one of Gotham.”

Depending on how you analyze those words, it doesn’t necessarily say that Fish would be killed. Though that seems to be the easiest way to kill off the popular villainess, you have to agree that leaving little room for a possible change (plastic surgery angle?) could still be up in the air.

With just a couple of episodes, the final episode should be something worth watching. From there, we can more or less gauge on what happens to Fish Mooney. Any wild guesses are welcome!

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  1. Fish will get killed by Penguin who will say something about how ‘Penguins eat fish’ when he does.

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