VK Blanka outs epic ballad ‘Fortress’ together with lyric video

VK Blanka
VK Blanka

Japanese musician VK Blanka released a new single, “Fortress,” recently – his first since “Never run” in May.

This is also his first ballad since his songs “Masshiro” and “Mahou no Ato,” and has been selected as the ending theme song for a hugely popular Japanese suspense drama series that has been running for over two decades.

The song’s calm, quiet vibe and VK Blanka’s delicate yet powerful singing voice combine to create an incredible atmosphere. The song expresses the determination to protect your loved ones even if it means accepting pain and suffering, and through this, finding unwavering strength.

A lyric video has also been released, and despite its simple structure, it will pull you headlong into the world created by the song, keeping you glued to the screen until the very end.