Japanese, Korean group collaboration release captivating music video ‘Hush-Hush’

The music video for “Hush-Hush,” a collaboration between the seven-member Japanese group BE:FIRST and the eight-member South Korean group ATEEZ, has been released on BE:FIRST’s official YouTube channel.

The collaboration between BE:FIRST and ATEEZ is an electrifying fusion that showcases each group’s unique abilities. The track pulsates with driving synth arpeggios and hard-hitting drums, while the members of each group take turns to show off their skills in twist after thrilling twist. Knowing when to go big but also when to hold back, this collaboration between two powerhouses of Asian pop music is a breathless three-minute rollercoaster ride.

The music video takes viewers on a journey through a fantastical cityscape, towering structures warping under the influence of distorted time and space. A dramatic solar eclipse casts a shadow over the landscape, adding to the captivating atmosphere. Against this breathtaking backdrop, BE:FIRST and ATEEZ shine like the sun and moon, weaving a captivating narrative. Be sure to stay tuned for the dramatic climax as light breaks through the darkness.

Marking a first for BE:FIRST, ‘Hush-Hush’ utilizes stunning CG visuals that complement the intricate choreography designed by renowned dancer RIEHATA. Defying the limitations of space and time, the dance performance showcases the impressive talent and captivating artistry of all 15 members.

To celebrate the release of “Hush-Hush,” special campaigns are running on various music download and streaming platforms. In addition to the single, a remix by m-flo’s ☆Taku Takahashi and an instrumental version of ‘Hush-Hush’ are set to drop on Friday, July 5 at 13:00 JST. Don’t miss these exciting additions!

The newly announced BE:FIRST X ATEEZ track ‘Hush-Hush’ will also feature on ‘2:BE’, the first original BE:FIRST album in two years, set for release on Wednesday, August 28.