NBA: After Nuggets and Nets, Clippers shut down practice facilities due to positive COVID-19 test

The Los Angeles Clippers shut down their practice facilities as a preventive measure after one member tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19).

The news comes just a week after the Denver Nuggets and Brooklyn Nets also temporarily closed their facilities to avoid the spread of the virus.

Both the Clippers and Nuggets are in playoff contention in the Western Conference.

The Clippers are 2nd while the Nuggets are 3rd. Both trail the Los Angeles Lakers in the team standings.

The NBA allows teams to bring up to a 35-member contigent to Orlando for its planned season restart starting on July 30.

A total of 25 players have tested positive for the virus since the league began conducting tests last June 23.

In addition, 10 of 884 staff members also tested positive.

Anyone who tested positive will remain isolated until they satisfy the public health protocol requirements.