WATCH: Matthew Wright talks Marcio Lassiter comparisons

Ever since making the Philippine basketball scene, Matthew Wright has been compared constantly to Marcio Lassiter as both players have been remarkable 3-point shooters.

Wright, the Phoenix Fuel Masters wing man, has been on a tear in the on-going PBA Commissioner’s Cup, shooting at 40% from long distance while averaging 20.4 points/game.

Lassiter, on the other hand, is averaging 12.6 PPG for the San Miguel Beermen on a 38% shooting clip from deep.

Being finally together in the Gilas Pilipinas makes Wright feel honored and at the same time notice the striking similiarities in the games of the two sharpshooters.

“Being compared to marcio is a big compliment. He has done a lot in his PBA career, something that I’ve envied, winning a lot of championships, the big shots he’s made. It makes me feel good to be compared to somebody like him. He’s helped me out since I got here, kind of like an older mentor,” said Wright.

Wright was part of the Gilas cadet pool prior to getting drafted while Lassiter was part of the original Gilas members.

The two wingmen even defended each other during the 5-on-5 walkthroughs and set plays, challenging each other.

“Seeing his career, I want to mold my career path similar to his, being on a successful team and winning championships. He’s highly-competitive and he wants to win. I see a lot of similarities in our games,” mentioned Wright.