Troy Alberto won 2nd Place in Round 3 of Honda Thailand Talent Cup

It is Round 3 of the Honda Thailand Talent Cup, and the only Filipino rider who represented the Philippines has its back to back win in Race 1 and 2.

Rider #20 Troy Alberto got to be the 2nd placer for the first time in 2019 Honda Thailand Talent Cup. During the qualifying round, he experienced engine trouble as he finished in 5th position.

Race 1: Troy was confident enough and pushed harder as he went head to head with rider #16 Azryan Dheyo Wahyumaniadi of Indonesia to get the 1st spot, while Rider#17 Herlian Dandi of Indonesia won third place. The day ended with an exciting race among Azryan getting the 1st place and for Troy, the only Filipino representative in Thailand getting the 2nd place with .160 seconds gap between them.

Race 2: With rider #20 Troy Alberto’s determination to be in the 1st place podium, again he went on a head to head battle against rider #04 Watcharin Tubtim-on of Thailand. Rider #20 Troy got the 1st position with only 3 laps left until Rider #04 Watcharin was able to catch up and finally regain the 1st place while Troy got the 2nd place podium finish with only .90s gap between them. Meanwhile, rider#17 Herlian Dandi maintained his position as the 3rd place winner in Race 2.

Troy Alberto got a back to back win for Round 3 of Thailand Talent Cup as he sustained his 2nd place position for both Race 1 and Race 2. This former Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup rider got what it takes to be in the podium finish and shows that Filipinos have great potential to vie in an international competition.

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