Adele Tour Tickets: Supply Sells Out Thursday, 10 Million Fans Wanted To Purchase Tickets In North America

431px-Adele_-_Live_2009_(4)_croppedTickets to Adele’s North American tour started selling online Thursday,   but within hours after its release, the Ticketmaster was besieged with angry concert-goers who were not able to purchase. Apparently, over 10 million fans wanted to buy tickets, and there were not enough to fulfill the demand, according to Huffington Post.

New York fans alone sold out 120,000 tickets for Adele’s Madison Square Garden show. But the demand for this was at four million, per Just Jared.

Ticketmaster president Jared Smith issued a memo to address its staff, who were the ones receiving all the complaints and insults from angry customers, per Billboard. It partly read: “Thanks to your efforts — even with what I’m told was easily an all-time record of 10 million + fans rushing to our site — we delivered a good experience for as many fans as possible.”

“Unfortunately, when there is such a exceptional artist with unprecedented demand against short supply, there are inevitably going to be disappointed fans.”

“As you know, artists are the center of Live Nation and we work side by side with them to meet their goals. In this case, we worked with Adele’s team to help achieve their goal of having a consistent set-up across all the different ticketing companies that were selling dates on her North American tour. Although that has clearly created confusion with fans and ultimately the media on what happened on which sites, we wanted to make sure you know just how much we appreciate your incredible preparation and that we are pleased with how we did.”

Adele’s concert tour in the U.S. will begin on July 5, 2016 at St. Paul, Minnesota. For full details on tour dates, you can check the list here.