Drew Barrymore: ‘I don’t buy my kids Christmas presents’

Drew Barrymore
Hollywood star Drew Barrymore has revealed that she doesn’t like to give Christmas presents to her children.

The 47-year-old actress – who has Olive, ten, and Frankie, eight, with her ex-husband Will Kopelman – has revealed that she doesn’t like to give gifts but but she loves spending time with her kids on the beach over the holidays.

Drew explained: “I am one of those mothers that sounds like a mean Scrooge because I don’t buy them presents.

“I always take them somewhere because I want to show them a life experience. Memory building for me is so important. So I’ve never really done presents under the tree.”

Instead, the Hollywood star wants her family to be “like porpoises and dolphins” over the festive season.

She told Travel + Leisure magazine: “We’re gonna go chase the sun!

“We work in a windowless studio nine months of the year [so] I just thought, ‘Oh, what’s something like, with a horizon?’ We’re going to go to a beach and just literally be like porpoises and dolphins and do some snorkeling. I usually try to do something really cultural, but I think the girls and I are so tired from hard work and working in school, we need to go faceplant.”

Earlier this year, Drew Barrymore claimed that motherhood is the “best thing” she’s ever done.

The actress took to social media to celebrate the tenth birthday of her daughter Olive, and to reflect on her experience of motherhood.

She wrote on Instagram: “Happy 10th birthday Olive … my how you have grown. Today you are double digits. Today we get your ears pierced. Today is the start of many things. I didn’t know a love like I have for you and your sister Frankie. The greatest one I will ever know. It takes the top spot in my heart. You are my priorities. And I am so proud to be your mom. Best thing I have ever done with my life or will ever do with my life! Happy tenth birthday. Is it ok if I always see you as my baby?! My teeny tiny little marvel ???? (sic)”