NBA: Steph Curry-Chris Paul trade almost happened in 2011

One of the apparent biggest what-ifs in NBA history surfaced recently as The Athletic writer Ethan Sherwood Strauss detailed in his new book “The Victory Machine” a supposed blockbuster deal back in 2011.

In the trade proposal, Golden State Warriors guards Steph Curry and Klay Thompson would have gone to the New Orleans Pelicans in exchange for Chris Paul.

Paul at that time was one of the best point guards already of his generation, having led New Orleans to multiple playoff appearances on top of winning an Olympic gold medal in 2008.

Curry was still a budding player, while Thompson was still a rookie.

“It was far from the only time Curry was shopped, but in this instance, the deal was very close to completion,” Strauss wrote. “Myers made the offer and Hornets GM Dell Demps was receptive.”

Of course, the deal never materialized and the Warriors went on to become a dynasty in the 2010s.

Curry became a 2-time MVP and one of the best modern playmakers today, changing the game as we know it. Thompson has also blossomed into one of the best sharpshooters in the league.

Paul went to the Los Angeles Clippers instead in 2012 and engaged in many memorable duels with the Warriors.

It’s still amazing to know that the Warriors dynasty probably never happened if this move was finalized.

A few years back, Golden State also tried trading Thompson for then Minnesota Timberwolves forward Kevin Love.

It only shows just a few wrong moves could spell the difference between winning multiple championships and still being in a drought.

Anthony Davis probably wouldn’t have been drafted by the Pelicans either as the no. 1 overall pick in 2012 and the ripple effect of the move would have been tremendous.