‘X-Men’ Actor Nicholas Hoult Boards ‘Mission: Impossible’ 7 with Tom Cruise


Tom Cruise is confirmed to return as Ethan Hunt for the seventh installment of “Mission: Impossible.” Word has it that “X-Men” actor Nicholas Hoult is joining him in this upcoming movie as well.

Director Christopher McQuarrie posted on his Instagram that Hoult has indeed signed up for “Mission Impossible” 7. The director didn’t reveal details to Hoult’s role but he captioned the announcement to suggest that Hoult’s character might be the villain.

Variety reported that the young actor is expected to be this installment’s nemesis for Agent Hunt. The news outlet also stated that Hoult would have played Cruise’s son in the upcoming “Top Gun” sequel. He lost the part to Miles Teller. Instead, his meeting with Cruise paved the way for him to enter the “Mission: Impossible” universe.

McQuarrie is also writing the screenplay for “Mission Impossible” 7 and aside from Cruise, Rebecca Ferguson has been tapped to return as Ilsa Faust in the franchise. Hayley Atwell, Pom Klementieff and Shea Whigham have also been cast as the newest additions.

It’s still unclear what “Mission: Impossible” 7 will be about. McQuarrie, however, shared a few sketches of the sequels last October on social media.

Unconfirmed reports said that “Mission: Impossible” 7 will bring a new character named Rollin Hand. For those who loved the original TV series, this character was a master of disguise, actor and magician who was played by Martin Landau. Speculations are that Whigham might take on the role in the movie.

The movie from the blockbuster franchise is expected to be in theaters in July 2021. Paramount and Skydance have also confirmed an eighth installment, which will be set for an August 2022 release.

The production is expected to film back-to-back but it’s unclear if this means Hoult will be in the two movies. Screen Rant, however, reported that the “X-Men” actor will be in both installments, as will Atwell.