Sablaya defends 1st rank in Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019

A tough yet challenging wet race welcomed the competing racers during the Round 4 of Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019 held at the Clark International Speedway last August 3 to 4.

Qualifying Round – Despite the downpour, the riders was able to cautiously make their best time using their CBR150R. Marco Ventinilla (Rider #09) rose up and came back at the 3rd Place of the grid while Travhys Paralejas (Rider #05) in 4th with a 0.542 seconds difference with each other. Chino Hung (Rider #06), on the other hand, secured 2nd Place on the grid as he failed to steal the Pole Position from Jakob Sablaya (Rider #01).

Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019
Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019

Race 1 – At the start of the race, the riders at the front row dominated the round, but it was Travhys Paralejas (Rider #05) who managed to slice in the front pack and able to battle with Chino Hung (Rider #06)and Jakob Sablaya (Rider #01). At the peak of this race, an interesting result emerged as Travhys Paralejas (Rider #05) grabbed the 1st Place followed by Chino Hung (Rider #06) from Jakob Sablaya (Rider #01), who slide off. Although Travhys Paralejas (Rider #05) was able to take the lead, but he was not able to maintain and slide off as well, making Chino Hung (Rider #06) the victor of Race 1, despite a 10 sec. penalty due to a jumpstart at the beginning of the race. Jakob Sablaya (Rider #01) came in 2nd place after regaining his composure inside the race track from a minor crash and able to manage to overtake 7 riders in the race. Marco Ventinilla (Rider #09), meanwhile, maintained his post at the 3rd spot due to his consistency in his performance.

Race 2 – A defining round urged Marco Ventinilla (Rider #09) to give his best as he raced head-to-head with Kokoy Mangibin (Rider #09) to claim the 3rd spot on a 0.05-second difference. Meanwhile, Chino Hung (Rider #06) challenged leading racer Jakob Sablaya (Rider #01) in the whole 6 lap round as he was trying to make his attack following Jakob Sablaya from behind, but his gap was not enough to take the win as he finished 2nd Place with a 0.039-second difference only from Rider #01(Jakob Sablaya).

To sum up the results of Round 4, a defined comeback win was established by Chino Hung and Marco Ventinilla as they finished 2nd Place and 3rd Place, while Jakob Sablaya remains the number one contender of the Honda Pilipinas Dream Cup 2019.

Meanwhile, all riders exhibited an impressive race despite the wet race track. This situation also showcased how talented these young riders are, as well as their capability to make the race even more exciting.

This Motorsport activity is sponsored by, Idemitsu, KTC Kyoto Tools, NGK Spark Plugs, NHK Helmet, Racing Boy, RK Takasago Chain, Threebond, Pirelli Tires, ARacer, Speedtek and Zero to Podium Racing School.