Philam Life 7s Football League Season 3: Super Eagles, Ghana F.C. Set For Explosive Finals Rematch

Super Eagles and Ghana F.C. are set to face in what will be a highly-anticipated finals rematch after winning over their opponents in the semifinals of the Philam Life 7s Football League at the McKinley Hill Stadium.

In what was a tight affair, Ghana F.C. scored the marginal goal in the game’s final minutes to squeak past Bohemian S.C., 1-0.

Ghana vs BSC (Philam Life 7s Football League photo)
Ghana vs BSC (Philam Life 7s Football League photo)

With Coach Ayi Bimbo turned to Asare David who converted an attempt in the second half. His trust in his super sub paid dividends once again, citing him as the team’s game-changer.

“It was really a tight game. All of us had chances and it was really hard work. We’re not hitting the back of the net. I called on Asare David and he changed the game. Last shot, he made it from long-range. And again, he’s done it. All credit goes to him,” said Coach Ayi Bimbo.

Also, defending two-time champions Super Eagles continued their dominance by beating Delimondo-Laro F.C. 4-1.

After scoring two unanswered goals in the first half behind Ebere Ogochukwu and Femi Ogurinde, the Super Eagles carried over their brilliance in the second half with a pair of goals from Ebere and Charles Ujam.

With Ghana F.C. slated to face Super Eagles once again, the Ayi Bimbo-mentored squad is expected to pull all the stops to finally get over the hump against the defending champions.

“If we keep that same positivity, we’ll get a [good] result. We’ve forgotten about our loss last year and we’re going to get the trophy this time. Trust me,” said Asare David.

In the Philam Life 7s Women’s Football League, the lower-seeded teams wielded the upset ax by edging their counterparts in the semifinals to move one win away from making history.

Match Day no. 8 for the women’s division featured Stallion-Hiraya F.C. and Outkast F.C. prevailing over top-seeded teams in Bohemian S.C. and Manila Nomads.

In the 7s Youth League, it was Sugod Malaya, Bohemian, and Kaya C who triumphed in their respective divisions.
Kaya C posted wins against G8 (2-0), and Kaya B (4-1), while Sugod prevailed against Kaya A (6-0) and Mondo (2-0) in the U5 division.

In the U7 division, Sugod A ended two wins and a draw, while Sugod B notched wins against G8 (2-0) and Mondo (10-3).

Bohemian posted clean sheets against San Lo FC (1-0), Marista (4-0), and Sugod B (3-0) in the U9 division.

Complete results for Match Day 13

7s Youth League


  • Kaya A 2, Kaya B 1
  • G8 3, Mondo 2
  • Kaya C 2, G8 0
  • Kaya C 4, Kaya B 1
  • G8 3, Kaya A 1
  • Bohemian 4, Sugod 3
  • Sugod 6, Kaya A 0
  • Mondo 5, Kaya A 4
  • Sugod 2, Mondo 0
  • Kaya B 3, Mondo 0
  • Sugod 3, Kaya C 0


  • G8 2, Mondo 2
  • Sugod B 2, G8 0
  • Sugod B 10, Mondo 3
  • Sugod A 1, G8 0
  • Sugod A 2, Sugod B 2
  • Sugod A 2, Mondo 0


  • Sugod B 3, Mondo 0
  • Sugod A 3, G8 1
  • Bannister 3, G8 1
  • Bohemian 1, San Lo FC 0
  • G8 1, Mondo 0
  • Bannister 1, San Lo FC 0
  • San Lo FC 2, Sugod A 0
  • Bohemian 4, Marista 0
  • Bohemian 3, Sugod B 0
  • Sugod A 1, Marista 0
  • Sugod B 1, Bannister 1
  • Marista 1, Mondo 0

Women’s 7s Football League

  • Stallions-Hiraya F.C. 4, Bohemian S.C. 2
  • Outkast F.C. 2, Nomads 1
  • Payatas F.C. 3, Sugod Malaya 2
  • Young Pinay 5, TYFA 4 (via golden goal)

Philam Life 7s Football League Men

  • Super Eagles 4, Delimondo-Laro 1
  • Ghana F.C. 1, Bohemian S.C. 0