Daniel Craig Could Play James Bond Again After His New York Play

Daniel Craig might still be the next James Bond. Even as the British actor has been said to have already expressed his desire to retire from the role, he could still become the top pick for the part and he might be convinced to do it all over again.

Page Six reports that talks about Daniel Craig playing James Bond again surfaced as his latest work in the theater production of “Othello” is set to open in New York. The soldout stage play will have its debut this Monday night with Daniel Craig working with David Oyelowo.

“Daniel thinks of himself as a ‘serious actor,’ and he wants to stretch his artistic muscles,” a source of the news outlet said. “For her to do this [play] for him is a gift — of course she wants him back — this is going to entice him to make another Bond movie,” the source adds.

Daniel Craig said that he would be ready to retire from playing James Bond while doing his last Bond movie “Spectre.” It ran in theaters over a year ago and had mildly warm reviews from critics.

Since speculations that he’s no longer playing James Bond arose, a host of replacements have been suggested including Tom Hiddleston and Michael Fassbender. But the studio has not yet made its announcement official about replacing Daniel Craig. The actor has been playing James Bond since 2005.