NBA 2015 News: Matt Barnes Says He Was Just Checking On His Sons

Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes
Matt Barnes is singing a different tune after reports came out that he drove 95 miles just to confront New York Knicks coach Derek Fisher.

Initial reports claim that Barnes was miffed upon learning that his now former friend and teammate was at his previous home with ex-wife Gloria Gavin.

As far as his statement on the matter is concerned, Barnes refutes claims that he drove all the way from the Memphis Grizzlies training camp after he got word that Fisher was at his former home.

The 6-foot-7 player told ESPN that he was at home in Marina del Rey at the time and that a text from his son led him to check on his sons.

Barnes claims that he had received a text message from his son Carter at that time. He eventually FaceTimed his son and once he saw his son, he could tell that something was not right.

When he asked him what was wrong, Carter shook his said and said ‘No’. After that, his son allegedly placed a pillow on his face and told his dad that ‘Mommy’s friend Derek is here’.

He claims to have talked as well to his other son Isaiah and apparently the boys were not comfortable with another man being in the same house with their mother. Per Barnes, it was at this point that he drove to his former home to check on his kids.

But the thing is, there was indeed an altercation and Barnes did not elaborate on it that much.

The somehow subtle story of Barnes comes in conflict with earlier stories that Barnes charged to his former home and confronted Fisher. A source claims that Barnes did assault Fisher and even spit on his ex-wife Gloria Govan.

The melee only came to a halt when several people on hand stepped in to stop the fracas.

Fisher said that he wouldn’t press charges but Barnes’ ex-wife bares that she intends to file a restraining order on her ex-husband.

Fisher and Govan have been dating since a couple of months ago. Fisher filed for divorce against his wife Candace back in March, exactly a month after they celebrated their 10th anniversary.

As far as the relationship of Fisher and Barnes is concerned, here is what the Memphis Grizzlies forward had to say about it:

“We were close. We were friends,” Barnes said. “Some things have happened to change that. It is what it is.”

It remains to be seen if legal action will follow. Further to that, it should be an interesting showdown between the New York Knicks and the Memphis Grizzlies once the two teams collide on January 16, 2016 in Memphis.