WWE Rumors: Seth Rollins curb stomp finisher banned?

The Curb Stomp, current WWE Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins signature finisher may be as good as gone.

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins

Seeing the move as something that is a direct liability and a high risk for head injuries, the WWE has reportedly the use of the said move as it joins other sports bodies in their proactive cause of preventing head injuries and concussions, something that has become recurring in the world of wrestling entertainment.

This practically explains why Seth Rollins last match against Dolph Ziggler saw the current WWE champion using a different kind of finisher instead of the signature move that many have long associated him with.

The WWE plans to complete erase any remnants of the said move, including the entrance graphics which shows Rollins past matches. Hence don’t be surprised if you get to see only the name of Seth Rollins as the main graphics for the time being as the WWE production team comes up with the proper resources and clips compilation to come up with another graphical entrance theme for the WWE champ.

With regards to the Rollins finisher, it remains to be seen if the one he used on Ziggler would be the new one he will be carrying for the duration of his WWE stint. Though it would not be surprising to see Rollins add more finishing maneuvers, the finisher of all finishers remains to be seen.