In Development: ‘Galaxy Quest’ TV Series

There’s another movie revival being developed for television. Paramount is reportedly planning on bringing “Galaxy Quest” to the small screen.

galaxy quest for tvDeadline reports that cult comedy series “Galaxy Quest” may be heading to television. Released in theaters in 1999, the movie follows the cast of a long-running sci-fi TV series that has already been cancelled who have been tasked to save a nation of aliens after being mysteriously and accidentally transported in another world.

Paramount is said to be in talks with the film’s original writer Robert Gordon and director Dean Parisot  to head the project with Mark Johnson as producer, according to the Deadline report, however, no confirmation has yet been given by the studio.

The film starred Tim Allen and Sigourney Weaver and became Justin Long’s debut on the big screen. Tony Shalhoub, Enrico Colantoni and Alan Rickman were also part of the cast. The film was well-received by sci-fi fans and has reached cult-status because of this. It’s not yet known whether the film’s stars will join the TV show.

“Galaxy Quest” TV series is not the only movie-to-television in development at the studio as Paramount is also set to bring “School of Rock” to Nickelodeon, “Shutter Island” to HBO (along with Martin Scorsese) and “Shooter” toUSA Network. Paramount is also co-producing “Minority Report” with Fox.