NBA: Miami Heat’s Meyers Leonard chooses to stand during anthem, explains why

Several NBA players and coaches chose to kneel during the playing of the national anthem when the league’s season resumed.

The trend continued on Saturday when the Miami Heat faced the Denver Nuggets which they beat, 125-105.

But forward Meyers Leonard chose to stand during the anthem, sparking a bit of speculation among NBA fans.

But Leonard explained why he chose to remain standing during the anthem.

Leonard’s brother is a soldier who has been assigned to Afghanistan twice, and it is part of why the 6-10 forward did his thing.

Make no mistake, Leonard said he totally believes in the “Black Lives Matter” movement.

As explained in a series of tweets, Leonard mentioned what has been happening in the country i.e. the unjustful killing of people of color is “inexcusable” and “flat out wrong.”

Leonard concluded by saying people can be both, pertaining to supporting both the BLM movement and being nationalistic to the flag.

In the end, he had the support of his teammates and the Miami Heat organization.