LOOK: This is how homecourt advantage looks in NBA’s bubble

When the NBA announced the resumption of the 2020 season, one of the things certain was that games will be played inside empty arenas.

And without fans to cheer for their home teams live, the NBA has devised some strange measures to maintain “homecourt advantage” during games.

For instance, this clip shows that during the Miami Heat’s supposed “home game” against the Sacramento Kings, the stadium’s LED monitors displayed clips of Heat fans chanting “defense!” and “Let’s Go Heat!”

The LED boards also display the home team’s logo, name, and banners, as well as game day sponsors.

In a Sixers game, meanwhile, fans were shown on the screens via Zoom teleconferencing where they can cheer for their squad.

The NBA has announced that it will be using its high-tech set-up inside the bubble to its advantage, and that includes involving virtual fans.

As reported earlier, higher-seeded teams have longed for new ways to at least gain certain advantages over their lower-seeded counterparts, from having possessions to start each quarter to having extra timeouts.

While the NBA bubble experiment continues to be a learning curve, it looks like participants will have to live with such scenarios for now.