Philam Life 7s Football League Match Day 6: Ceres Youth FC Gets First Win

Thrilling matches in the men’s seniors division highlighted Day 6 of Season 3 of the Philam Life 7s Football League at the McKinley Hill Stadium in Taguig.

After struggling to get three points in the team standings for five straight weeks, Ceres-Negros Youth F.C. achieved a breakthrough win at the expense of Stallions Laguna while Bohemian Sporting Club, H&J All Stars and Tondo F.C. all bounced back from previous losses with close victories.

Season 2 finalists Super Eagles and Ghana F.C. remain neck-and-neck at the top of the standings after successful outings yet again. The two undefeated teams have been rivals from the beginning of the league, and the race to determine who the better team continues halfway in the elimination round.

Philam Life 7s Football League
Philam Life 7s Football League

Ghana F.C. routed Real Amigos, 6-2 while Super Eagles survived a brave stand from Delimondo-Laro F.C., 2-1.

“Like what I have said before, we know how to play, but as it stands now, we do have a lot of injured players on our list and with the way we played the games today, I know there are still a lot of work to do, we still have a lot of things to improve but I’m still going to assure that we will remain undefeated. We are the defending champions and we will still be the champions,” said Super Eagles head coach Danny Kross.

After absorbing a tough loss against Futbol Funatics last week, Bohemian Sporting Club returned to winning form by defeating Matu Deportivo for a hard-fought, come-from-behind 2-1 win.

The H&J All Stars recorded a hard-earned win over Superbad, 2-1, while Tondo F.C. relied on their rock-solid defense to escaped Futbol Funatics, 2-1. Tondo opened the match scoring the first two goals and was close to tallying a shut-out as they deflected many of their opponents’ attempts in the second half. A last-minute conversion from a bicycle kick by Abel Gboko prevented a clean sheet, but it wasn’t enough for Futbol Funatics.

Ceres-Negros Youth F.C. ended their Season 3 drought with a 4-2 win over Stallions Laguna. The match was tied 2-2 at the half before the eventual winners put on a show in the second half for their maiden win in the tournament.

The 7s Youth League also kicked off with a brand new tournament featuring U9 and U13 teams, with eight playing in each age bracket.

Below are the complete results for Match Day 6:

7s Youth League U9

  • G8 2, Marista 0
  • Bohemian Sporting Club 8, Mondo 0
  • Bannister 2, Socceroo 1
  • Nomads 3, Mondo 0
  • Bohemian Sporting Club 8, G8 0
  • Marista 2, Mondo 0
  • Mondo 1, Socceroo 0
  • Nomads 2, Bannister 0

7s Youth League U13

  • Socceroo 3, Nemesis 0
  • Caribbean 1, Bannister 0
  • Caribbean 1, Nomads 0
  • Xavier 4, Loyola 0
  • Loyola 0, Manister 0
  • Nemesis 0, Nomads 0
  • BSC 2, Xavier 0
  • Socceroo 1, Sugod 0

Men’s Seniors Division

  • Ceres Youth F.C. 4, Stallion F.C. 2
  • Super Eagles 2, Delimondo-Laro F.C. 1
  • Ghana F.C. 6, Real Amigos 2
  • Bohemian Sporting Club 2, Matu Deportivo 1
  • H&J All Stars 2, Superbad F.C. 1
  • Tondo F.C. 2, Futbol Funatics 1