‘Supergirl’ season 3: ‘Sanvers’ relationship fallout has started to show

Chyler Leigh (L) and Floriana Lima (R) (photo by Mike Ownby/ Flickr)
Chyler Leigh (L) and Floriana Lima (R) (photo by Mike Ownby/ Flickr)
The celebrated relationship between Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) is not expected to flourish since most know that the latter will be relegated to a recurring row. Despite knowing that, “Supergirl” season 3 continues to show “Sanvers” with the wedding still technically on.

At some point, “Sanvers” will break up. It is expected to be a heart-wrenching end which means all the wedding plans most are seeing on “Supergirl” episodes right now are merely part of the script. The second episode titled “Triggers” started off with Alex and Maggie already showing conflict on their wedding plans.

The debate was on whether they should have a disc jockey (DJ) or a band at their wedding. Alex seems so hyped about it while Maggie continues to carry a blunt and subtle personality. That was, however, nothing compared to the latter part of episode 2 where the topic of having kids was brought up.

As pointed out by Comicbook.com, Alex was speaking to Samantha (Odette Annable) and her daughter Ruby (Emma Tremblay) after the main battle between Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) and Psi (Yael Grobglas). Afterwards, Alex mentioned Ruby to Maggie who later on responded she did not envision herself having kids.

Alex was taken aback by Maggie though it remains unclear if this would be the reason for their breakup. It may likely be part of the “Sanvers” fallout though many more twists are expected in the next episodes.

Another big indicator for the breakup would be the coming of Maggie’s father. Carlos Bernard of “24” has been cast for the role and will likely become another factor for the potential breakup.

According to Blasting News, Bernard will enter the fray in the next episode titled “Far from the Tree.” Maggie will reportedly be put in a difficult situation, something that could either be tied up to her relationship with her dad or the planned wedding.

All that should be revealed in the third episode of “Supergirl” season 3. Fans are reminded that Lima has only be demoted to a recurring role and not totally off the show. Sawyer is likely to continue doing her job but her relationship with Alex will, at best, be kept in the balance. It looks like the two sisters will end up struggling with their love life this third season.

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  1. Well, (SPOILER) Alex’s engagement ring is off after Episode 5 and Floriana Lima is no where around after Episode 5. Maggie’s not there because the showrunners didn’t want the Alex/Maggie relationship to continue; it is not because Floriana wanted to leave the show. Producers said she was leaving ‘for other opportunities.’ That is code for “we were done with Sanvers.” The “bury your gays” trope is now “fire your gays” trope.

    1. i take it your part of the #SupergirlBlackout and i can therefor assume that like Jon Snow you know nothing it’s only natural for an actress to want to make other projects and if your a fan of the show then you should still continue to watch it

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