‘Black Rover:’ Vicke Blanka, Blinding Sunrise release new version

Black Rover with Vicke Blanka cover.
Black Rover with Vicke Blanka cover.

Japanese artist Vicke Blanka announced a collaboration with Blinding Sunrise on a new version of “Black Rover,” a streaming hit that has racked up 160 million plays.

Blinding Sunrise is an Italian metalcore band who got global acclaim through their cover videos showcasing their love of Japanese anime and music culture.

Their cover of “Black Rover,” which is the opening theme song to the anime series “Black Clover,” has so far racked up over 5.9 million views.

The collaboration happened when Vicke Blanka visited Italy to perform at Riminicomix in July this year.

The collaboration video was shot at the Council Theatre, a prestigious music venue in Vittoria, Sicily, where Blinding Sunrise are based.

The video includes epic scenes on a mountaintop overlooking the town, shots of Vicke Blanka playing both guitar and piano, and him rocking out together with Blinding Sunrise for a killer climax on the theatre stage.

After returning to Japan, Blanka wrote about his adventures with Blinding Sunrise in his new song, “Luca’”. The song is included in his upcoming EP, “Worldfly,” that is set to be released on Wednesday, October 25.