‘No Man’s Sky’ latest news and update: Old melee trick remains available despite patches

No Man's Sky | photo by @consolefun via Twitter
No Man’s Sky | photo by @consolefun via Twitter

Hello Games continues to roll out improvements to “No Man’s Sky”, most of which are content and new features to make the game interesting. So far game developers have been on the right track handing out the improvements.

For those who have played the ambitious space exploration game, there are old tricks that remain. That includes the melee jumps, an uncanny way for gamers to get around the massive number of planets. Some have been keeping track of the changes though nothing dramatic has scathed the unusual method of getting around the world.

What does the melee jump do anyway?

As mentioned previously, melee jumps are those weird and unusual moves that help “No Man’s Sky” players get around. Aside from added navigation, the melee part also comes in handy during attacks.

As explained via Kotaku, melee attacks make characters lunge forward while swinging their multi-tool. Paired with a jetpack, player momentum gets an added boost especially for gamers who are always on the offensive or looking for a running start.

The melee jump offers players an alternative when it comes to exploring the game environment and worlds. With it, more ground is covered and helps players come across stuff which would ordinarily take some time on foot.

Will it stay untouched forever?

Most know that Hello Games has been trying to come up with improvements to the game, a lot of which have already been done. The melee jump hardly qualifies as a cause for concern – meaning there is no sense fixing something that ain’t broke.

Depending on how one looks at it, it may be a glitch since it accounts for movement in an odd kind of way. But the fact that it takes a mixture of timing and skill categorizes it as something that hardly buggy.

Hence, it is unlikely to be something game developers will alter. There is no logical reason to do so with Hello Games best addressing content and performance issues – a move that can cover more ground.

Traveling is important with a massive number of planets to cover. There have been improvements to traveling with teleportation and vehicles introduced. There could be more over the horizon though creating unique worlds may be at the top of the list.

Recall that when “No Man’s Sky” first came out, most were disappointed to find familiar worlds that seemed similar to others. This has been slowly addressed and there is apparently more worlds that need addressing.

With plenty of things to cover, Hello Games needs to maintain its momentum through patches and fixes most are looking for. So far, they have been doing a fine job with more expected to come. Compared to its initial release, “No Man’s Sky” has somehow made amends – something that will hopefully carry on.