Marvel’s ‘The Punisher’ Has Started Casting, Netflix Series Targets 2017 Release

After appearing in “Daredevil” Season 2 on Netflix, “The Punisher” a.k.a. Frank Castle, played by Jon Bernthal, is taking his character for a solo series. Word is that the show has already started casting for the supporting characters so that production can begin. Speculations are that Netflix could release the show’s episodes on the streaming site by 2017.

MCU Exchange reports that auditions have already been called for “The Punisher’s” supporting cast. Apart from Bernthal’s Castle, the show is looking for an actor who can play David “Microchip” Lieberman, Frank Castle’s tech guy.

Microchip is a well-known character in “The Punisher” comic book series. The hacker and gadget guy has helped Frank Castle fight his enemies. He is described as a chubby and balding man, who loves his alcohol, per Cinema Blend.

With casting calls coming early, it’s safe to say that “The Punisher” is marked for an earlier release on the streaming site. Previously, Netflix and Marvel wasn’t yet keen on developing a show based on the character when he appeared on “Daredevil.” However, Bernthal’s performance was not hard to ignore and thus, viewers clamored for a series dedicated entirely to his character.

With this latest development, could “The Punisher” also be appearing in Netflix and Marvel’s production of “The Defenders”? The said series is also slated for a 2017 release, following the first seasons of “Luke Cage” and “Iron Fist.”