CBS Releases First Teaser To ‘The Case Of: JonBennet Ramsey’

CBS has released the very first teaser to the high profile child-kidnapping case of JonBennet Ramsey. The true crime series is set for a 6-episode run on the network, which will air in two parts each on Sept. 18, 19 and 25.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the show is produced by Tom Forman, whose team of experts include retired FBI agents. They have re-examined evidence and interviews using the latest technology in the hopes of finding new clues to what really happened to the little girl. The team has also created a replica of JonBenet’s room where she was allegedly abducted.

The series follows 20 years after the case of JonBennet Ramsey remains unsolved. As charges have remain unfiled and the perpetrators remain at large, the story of JonBennet Ramsey’s disappearance continues to plague America and the rest of the world. Watch the exclusive teaser via CNN.

The documentary series comes in the wake of the popularity of Netflix’s “Making A Murderer” and HBO’s “The Jinx.” Both shows dealt with true crime cases as well, which also highlights what is really going on in the justice system in America.

Recently, one of the convicted murderers in “Making A Murderer,” Brendan Dassey, was declared for release by the courts after latest evidence showed he could not likely be involved. Dassey has been in prison for 10 years before the latest judgement was handed down. His case was reviewed while documentary filmmakers looked into the story of his conviction, along with uncle Steven Avery.