‘L.A. Law’ Reboot Coming? Steven Bochco Mulling Idea To Bring Back 80s Hit Series

Lalaw“L.A. Law” was one of the 80s most-watched series. It ran on NBC for eight seasons and word has it that producer Steven Bochco is considering bringing back the show on television in a potential reboot.

The producer said that he’s been asked to do “L.A. Law” again in his many years in the business, but he would always decline the idea. But then, one of the show’s original writers, Bill Finkelstein, called him up about pitching the series for a reboot.

Together, Bochco and Finkelstein met with 20th Century Fox Television, which owns the rights of the show. “Billy and I sat down and we sort of reconceptualized what ‘L.A. Law’ would look like and be about over 30 years later,” said Bochco via Variety.

TV Guide reports preparations are underway for a pilot contentionf for the 2017-2018 TV season. “There are so many interesting legal aspects to our society today that simply weren’t in play then,” said Bochco via TV Guide. “The more I thought about it, the more I thought, ‘Well, that is kind of interesting.'”

The original series starred Jimmy Smits, Susan Dey, Blair Underwood and Harry Hamlin. It featured other regulars like Jeffrey Tambor, Kathy Bates, CCH Pounder, Kevin Spacey and William H. Macey. Bochco is open to the idea of having actors who have appeared in the original show come aboard the reboot.

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