‘Gilmore Girls’ Photos Released, Producer Files Lawsuit Against Netflix

The return of “Gilmore Girls” on Netflix has been buzzing since February and the streaming site released images from the show. However, not all is good news for the revival series as a producer filed a lawsuit against Netflix alleging that he wasn’t compensated for “Gilmore Girls: Seasons.”

One photos shows the mother and daughter pair of Gilmore girls in their familiar kitchen, while another photo has Lorelei and Luke walking hand-in-hand at the park. Another photo also shows Rory as a teacher, which is what she’s currently doing nine years after the show ended, per Daily Mail.

Meanwhile, a producer on the show has filed a lawsuit alleging that Warner Bros and Netflix did not compensate him for the revival series when his production company. ““Defendant refuses to compensate plaintiff in any way for the Subsequent Episodes of Gilmore Girls. Defendant argues that the Subsequent Episodes do not fall under the terms of the Operative Agreement, making the absurd claim that the Subsequent Episodes are derivative works based on the television series Gilmore Girls,” the lawsuit stated.

“Gilmore Girls: Seasons” will be mapped out in four episodes each airing for 90-minutes. Most of its original cast are reprising their roles. The TV show stars Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson and Melissa McCarthy, among others.