Ex-TCS employee leaves job for music [WATCH]

An Ex-TCS Employee, Nitin Srivastava resigned from his settled job to follow his music passion.

He began his professional journey by authoring four piano books. A Kirori Mal College Alumini has launched its debut music video as a singer/songwriter of his Promise Song.

You will rarely find singers today have falsetto voice capability as Nitin has, not even in Bollywood today.

“The Promise song conveys about the committment/promise that one should have for other for a better relationship, is the message behind the song” ———— says Nitin Srivastava…

The singer-songwriter is a solo live performance artist, with unique specialty, richness and rendition ability of western vocals, is further bringing more songs videos this year. He is now-a-days performing at respected platforms across India.

Kapil performed/composed the Guitar Arrangements with a guest appearance in video, while the music arrangement is done by Sawan.