WWE Rumors: John Cena injured, will not be around for Wrestlemania 32

John Cena Taken Out With Shoulder Injury

John Cena [photo: Commons Wikimedia/Snerkie]
John Cena [photo: Commons Wikimedia/Snerkie]
The WWE suffered another big blow recently when the Cenation leader revealed that he is scheduled to undergo shoulder surgery in Birmingham via Twitter today.

The severity of the injury has yet to be known though reports from PW Insider believes that it could possibly be a torn rotator cuff, likely the same injury the Manny Pacquiao and Kobe Bryant suffered.

But the bad news is that this means Cena will be out for some time which will likely include him not being at Wrestlemania 32 this April per Forbes.

With that said, the WWE will have to yet again tinker around with matches and see which stars can fill up for Cena.

Cena recently returned to the WWE and this was seen as something to benefit current WWE heavyweight champion Roman Reigns. The two had a stare down last week at WWE Raw after fending off the “League of Nations”.

Cena was originally believed to be returning to feud with Alberto Del Rio as well in what was supposed to be a rematch for the United States title which the Cenation leader lost at WWE Night of Champions. Other than that, there were rumors linking him as the possible opponent of the Undertaker at Wrestlemania 32.

So now all of those have gone kaput and storylines will have to be overhauled.

Cena joins a long list of walking wounded in the WWE. Already on the injured list are Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan, Randy Orton, Sting and Cesaro. With that said, the WWE locker room seems to have gotten smaller, especially if you think about who the WWE can turn to for a bump in the main cards.