WWE Rumors: Are we headed back to the Age of Factions? [VIDEO]

WWE League of Nations [photo: YouTube Screen Capture/WWE]
WWE League of Nations [photo: YouTube Screen Capture/WWE]

The WWE is still in dire straits as far as resolving the dipping ratings and seeing their top stars succumbing to injury has just made matters worse.

Seth Rollins, Big Show, Randy Orton and Cesaro were bitten by the injury bug one after the other and now the WWE needs to find a way to make things work with their current crop of WWE stars.

John Cena is also out of the WWE for now, taking a leave of absence to star in a reality TV show “American Grit”. The Cenation leader is not expected to be back until Dec. 26.

So with these adversities in the way, the creative team needs to do something different that would allow them to maximize their current roster and keep the fans interested.

For the ones who caught in during the Dec. 1 episode of WWE RAW, Sheamus and Rusev got ample backup. Now in the mix are the New Day (Kofi Kingston, King Barrett and US champion Alberto Del Rio) which saw the birth of the so-called “League of Nations”.

It was a gathering of the WWE’s top heels whose obvious aim is to waylay Reigns in his quest to reclaim the WWE title he held for less than hour after WWE Survivor Series.

But apparently Reigns will not be along. The Big Dog will be getting a stable as well and will reportedly be called “The Family” per Wrestling Inc. The face faction will be made up of Dean Ambrose and The Usos though it will not be surprising if there would be more joining the cause.

So is this the sign of seeing the factions of the WWE Attitude Era once again?

At that time, remember that we saw the likes of the Ministry of Darkness, The Corporation and the Nation of Domination. Those groups saw the emergence of new faces backing up stars like the Undertaker, Shane McMahon and Farooq (Ron Simmons).

Now while the injection of the “League of Nations” and “The Family” should be something new, it does also seem to indicate that focus on the WWE Heavyweight title will be set aside for now.

That means that Sheamus will likely hold on to the gold and any rivalry between him and Reigns will be set in the background.

On whether this new angle will work or not remains to be seen. Also, one has to wonder if the Dudley Boyz or the Wyatt Family will join in the fray. If not, maybe they will form factions of their own as well?