HBO’s ‘The Leftovers’ Returns For Season 2 Tonight! What To Expect From Series Starring Justin Theroux [WATCH VIDEO]

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“The Leftovers” will be moving to a Texas town in the second season and with new characters added to the show, here’s what you can expect:

After two percent of the world’s population mysteriously disappeared and with families trying to get on with their lives without any answers as to what happened, Kevin Garvey (Justin Theroux) and his family move to Texas, in a town where not one person disappeared.

The town of Jarden has changed its name to Miracle and families take refuge in this town with renewed hope and spirit. What is in this place that exempted it from the Sudden Departure? With a new environment and new neighbors comes new sets of problems and because the people of Miracle don’t exactly know what it’s like to have family, friends and loved-ones disappear, some will think that the newcomers are there to threaten the peace of the town.

Meanwhile, Jarden/Miracle residents also has its own sets of problems and the ongoing theme of the series will still remain in the new season — how will people cope following the mysterious disappearance?

“The Leftovers” brings recent Emmy-winner Regina King to cast and old timers like Carrie Coon and Margaret Qualley will return along with Theroux.

“The Leftovers” season two begins tonight at 9:00 Oct. 4 on HBO.