USA Network’s ‘Mr. Robot’ with Christian Slater Debuts Pilot Episode Online (WATCH)

Mr. Robot
USA Network has released the full first episode of the hacker drama series “Mr. Robot.” The show is officially slated to begin on Wednesday, June 24, but the network has decided to release the pilot on its website so that eager viewers can already take a peek of what it’s about.

The series stars Rami Malek as Elliot, a cyber-security programmer. At night, however, Elliot is a very capable hacker, who gets himself embroiled with a mysterious man online. He is the leader of an underground hacker group, and the character is played by Christian Slater. Elliot is recruited into the group to destroy the company he works for, whom he believes to have some sinister plans. However, Elliot struggles with his personal beliefs as well. Will he go for the takedown?

The series will also feature Carly Chaikin, Patricia Doubleday and Martin Wallstrom.

“Mr. Robot” won the Audience Award in the recent South by Southwest event and the pilot has also been exhibited at the 2015 Tribeca Film Festival.

The show is written by Sam Esmail (“Comet”) and produced by Steve Colin (“True Detective”) and Chad Hamilton (“Breakup at a Wedding”).

The trailer for the show is below, and if you’re living in North America, you can head to USA Network to watch the first episode now.