Jeremy Clarkson admits “silly” fault for being sacked by Top Gear

Jeremy Clarkson
Jeremy Clarkson (Bang)
The controversial presenter was axed from the BBC show earlier this year after attacking producer Oisin Tymon and leaving him with a split lip in a row over a steak, and he’s now taken responsibility for the incident.

Asked how he feels about the fact he’ll no longer be hosting the show, he said: “I didn’t anticipate actually not doing it anymore. I was very sad but it was my own silly fault so I can hardly complain.

“I was at the BBC for 27 years and I did the current incarnation of ‘Top Gear’ for 12 and it was very much my baby. I absolutely adored it and I worked all the time on it, all through the night and I paid attention to every little tiny bit of it and then suddenly you’re not asked to do that anymore and you do feel as though there’s a big hole that does need to be filled.”

The 55-year-old star insisted that although there are some “dreadful people” at the BBC, he will miss working for the broadcaster just as much as he’ll miss presenting ‘Top Gear’ alongside James May and Richard Hammond.

Speaking on ‘The Chris Evans Breakfast Show’ on BBC Radio 2, he explained: “[I’ll miss both] equally, actually, because I like the BBC. There are some dreadful people in it but there’s also some really brilliant people and if you work with them it’s a great organisation and I’ll never complain about it and I thank them for giving me such a long time there.”

Jeremy recently auctioned off his last ever lap of the ‘Top Gear’ track for charity and admits it will be “emotional” saying goodbye for good.

He shared: “I said I’d go down to Dunsfold, the ‘Top Gear’ track and do one last lap in whatever [car] and then people bid and it was a hundred thousand pounds a couple of people came up with and I’m going to go and do that soon actually. So I’m going to do one last ever lap of the ‘Top Gear’ track which will be quite emotional for me because I like driving around there, because there’s nothing to hit.”

The newspaper columnist – who claims he’s been working on his tennis game since losing his job – also insists he’s busier now he’s unemployed and is enjoying working on his, May and Hammond’s revamped ‘Top Gear Live’ shows without the BBC “medalling”.

Asked how he feels about doing the tour without being able to return to ‘Top Gear’, he added: “I don’t know we haven’t done it yet. I think it will be good fun, I genuinely think it will be good fun. We’ve made some good films for this because we’re able to make our own films now with no meddling really.”

However, Jeremy insists he has no idea what’s next for him but joked he certainly won’t be returning to his old job of delivering milk because of the “early starts”.