Will CSI Las Vegas return for a 16th season?

Will Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) Las Vegas be back for another run? This is an apparent question which has been left hanging and to this day, nothing has been announced.

Jorja Fox
Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) (Wikimedia Commons)
It will be recalled that most of the main stars are gone with only Jorja Fox (Sara Sidle) left from the original team which started way back in October 6, 2000. George Eads (Nick Stokes) was the last member to leave the series, something termed as having completely evolved.

While Stokes is still technically around, he will not be with the team anymore. Per the storyline, Stokes has accepted the position to be the head of forensics in San Diego.

CBS did insert new faces like Ted Danson (DB Russell) and Elizabeth Shue (Julie Finlay) but even with their entry, CSI Las Vegas struggled in the ratings game. The 15th season saw the series episodes trimmed from 22 to 18, not a good sign for any series.

So will the series come back for a 16th season or not? Well there are two rumors floating around right now.

One is that there could be a16th season but a pretty short one. How short? There will reportedly be only just 6 episodes and will most likely be the farewell season for the team.

Another rumor regarding CSI Las Vegas is that the send-off would be made into a movie. Discussions are reportedly under way where the movie would wrap up the stories for the characters and hence an eventual send-off.

Adding more fuel to the fire is the fact that the contract of Ted Danson has already expired. Danson is already working on a new show (FX’ “Fargo”) and there is no word on whether he would be back on the show.

Of course nothing is definite with regards to the fate of CSI Las Vegas. If ever it does come to an end, only one CSI show will remain, assuming it does not get cancelled too. This is CSI Cyber, the latest of the CSI series which stars Patricia Arquette.

CSI Cyber has not done too good itself and could find itself walking on a thin line when it comes to being renewed for another season. Hence, it may all boil down to which CBS opts to renew – CSI Las Vegas or CSI Cyber. Who knows maybe both could be renewed?

Other CSI shows were already axed some years back. CSI Miami was cancelled in 2012 while CSI New York got the boot in 2013.

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