WWE Rumors: Is AJ Lee jumping to the UFC?

AJ Lee and Paige
AJ Lee and Paige (Wikimedia Commons)

With AJ Lee reportedly set to retire to the WWE, the question going around in most people’s minds is why?

It is a fact that Lee has suffered from injuries but nothing major that many believe could force her to hang up her tights. And so as you would guess, word around is that Lee may have other plans and for now, there are two buzz possibilities that may be the reason.

The lighter one and something which most believe is improbable is that Lee is pregnant. For WWE fans who were able to catch that six-woman tag team match involving Lee, Paige, Naomi against the Bella Twins (Nikki and Brie) and Natalya, one has to wonder why Lee would compete in such a match if she was indeed pregnant.

Lee took quite a beating, stretched and tossed around like a rag doll. So if Lee was indeed pregnant, carrying a child and displaying a punishing show like that could leave dire consequences. So is she pregnant? Based on that performance, the possibility is highly unlikely.

Another word out, and something that may make more sense, is that AJ Lee could be jumping ship to the UFC to join hubby CM Punk (Phil Brooks). Punk has been hinting at that possibility but given the degree of talent AJ has, it seems pretty interesting how physical she get.

Lee does have the athleticism to compete but what happens once she gets caught in punishing holds? Her small frame makes her look fragile in the octagon but make no mistake about it, Lee is as tough as nails.

But the UFC is entirely different from the WWE. It is another entertainment bandwagon but the severity of physical pounding is a whole lot different. Just take it from Brock Lesnar who made that jump before and then returned to the WWE. Lesnar took a beating and as it stands right now, he has closed the doors on even a possible return to the UFC.

Another possibility is for Lee to perhaps stand by her man Punk. She could end up as a manager to CM Punk but all that would depend on how successful Punk would be once he does make his debut. Punk is training at the moment and critics are divided on how successful Punk could be in the Octagon despite being a mixed-martial arts tactician.

Lee could follow the same route, train and dip her hands in the UFC. But somehow and based on what she can do, one has to be apprehensive if she would fit or even succeed in the Octagon.