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Epson organizes app development tilt to encourage creating of mPOS solutions in the region

Pinoy mobile POS solution wins in Epson Regional App Challenge

A digitalized order management app for laundry services, conceptualized by a Filipino team, MobileMINDS, bagged first runner-up in the recently concluded Epson Regional App Challenge 2018, a first-ever application development competition organized by Epson.


Hackers steal $30m from bitcoin exchange

Hackers stole more than $30 million worth of cryptocurrencies from South Korea’s top bitcoin exchange, sending the unit’s price falling around the world on Wednesday.

Kaspersky Lab: Costly Cloud Breaches Putting Digital Transformation Strategies at Risk

Kaspersky Lab: Costly Cloud Breaches Putting Digital Transformation Strategies at Risk

According to new research from Kaspersky Lab, safeguarding data in the cloud is continuing to present new challenges for businesses, with the most expensive cybersecurity incidents over the last 12 months related to cloud environments and data protection.


Fake Facebook accounts part of 60-percent social network phishing in early 2018

In the first quarter of 2018, Kaspersky Lab’s anti-phishing technologies prevented more than 3.6 million attempts to visit fraudulent social network pages, of which 60% were fake Facebook pages. The results, according to Kaspersky Lab’s report, ‘Spam and phishing in Q1 2018′, demonstrate that cybercriminals are still doing what they can to get their hands on personal data.


Pet trackers might have more ‘bite’ than animal lovers think

To check if pets are secure from cyberthreats, Kaspersky Lab researchers have studied several popular pet trackers and discovered vulnerabilities which allow malefactors to hack them, find out or replace a pet and its owner’s coordinates, or even steal sensitive personal data.


Windows 10 Tablet targets lower end tablet market

Microsoft continues to find ways to make its Surface brand stay afloat and the latest from the rumor mill is a lightweight mobile computing solution called the Windows 10 tablet.


ZooPark: New Android-based malware campaign spreading

Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered ZooPark, a sophisticated cyberespionage campaign, which for several years has been targeting users of Android devices based in several Middle Eastern countries. Using legitimate websites as sources of infection, the campaign appears to be a nation-state backed operation aimed at political organizations, activists and other targets based in the region.


Kaspersky Lab: Being ‘bad cop’ isn’t Shielding Kids from Online Threats

The risks associated with growing up in an online world are not only giving parents a headache, but the time their children are spending online is a real cause for concern.


Cool summer treats to enjoy this summer with your kids

Summer is here and while the school is on break, it is a great time for your kids to go out and play. Similarly, this season is also the perfect time for them to indulge in sweet, chilly treats and stay cool amid the scorching heat.

How our Digital Footprint May Shape the Future

Kaspersky Lab Invites Users to Reflect on How Digital Footprint shapes the Future

Kaspersky Lab’s interactive multimedia project Earth 2050 has been accumulating predictions about environmental, social and technological developments for the upcoming 30 years since its launch in 2017.