‘iCarly’ Actress Jennette McCurdy Leads Netflix’s Sci-fi Thriller ‘BETWEEN’

There’s a new Netflix drama series and it will be premiering on May 21 at 11:30 p.m. EST. “Between,” a science-fiction thriller, is the first Netflix series that will not be running the binge-watch format, meaning, the episodes will not be released all at once. It will be just like “regular” TV, where viewers will get to watch the episodes week after week.

‘Mad Men’ Ending: Say Goodbye to Don Draper as Series Finale Airs Tonight on AMC

After seven impressionable seasons, one of the last of shows from the “Golden Age” of television comes to a close tonight. “Mad Men,” created by Matthew Wiener and starring Jon Hamm, is about the men and women of an advertising company in 1960s New York. Like many of the shows that premiered around the time the series also started, “Mad Men” was an exposition into the anti-hero. What will happen to its main character and its equally interesting supporting cast?