‘Sengoku Dynasty Kintsugi’ Update: Revamped Progression and Immersive Enhancements Await

Developer Superkami and publisher Toplitz Productions are excited to announce that the Kintsugi Update for its multi genre open-world RPG, city builder, life simulation and survival game Sengoku Dynasty is now live.

This latest all encompassing update stands as a pinnacle in Sengoku Dynasty’s journey, as it introduces substantial enhancement to progression and production systems that redefine the gaming experience for current players, but also streamlines the onboarding process for brand new players as well.

Sengoku Dynasty

A revised progression system now means that some initial quests are now optional and players can also build wherever they wish in the landscape with fewer limitations. Requirements and rewards in quests within the villages of Segi, Aratani and Iwasaki have been rebalanced for a more challenging and rewarding experience as well.

Additionally, the update brings with it improved NPC AI worker behavior and responsiveness with a focus on production and improving realism, and players will notice that villagers will now produce and consume resources each day.

The Consolidation and simplification of workplaces in buildings also arrives in this update, and players can now also enjoy the intricacies of papermaking.

Sengoku Dynasty

Developer Superkami has also looked at the technical improvements to Sengoku Dynasty, and has introduced DLSS and FSR support for enhanced antialiasing, improving both the visuals and the game’s overall gameplay experience.

“The Kintsugi Update is our single biggest update yet, considerable effort and time has gone into technical optimization, but we’ve also really put a lot of emphasis on realism and gameplay features as well. This update also includes custom game settings as well and gives players more control of how they want to play.” Said Jan Cieślar – Superkami CEO and Game Director.

Sengoku Dynasty

Farming and agriculture have also benefited in this latest update, specifically plants (both harvested and farmed) are now season-dependent for more realism and the game now boasts new flowers, trees, and plants. Not only that, plants will now grow when players sleep and can now be harvested by hand.

Elsewhere, the Kintsugi Update has introduced new animals in the form of wolves and bears, and improved the responsiveness of weapons such as the spear and bow. It has also rebalanced stamina, and stat UI and progress bars now have a new look.

For the full breakdown of content  and player focused features being introduced in Sengoku Dynasty’s Kintsugi Update, players are encouraged to check out the games comprehensive list on Sengoku Dynasty’s official steam page here.

Check out the Kintsugi Update video here: https://youtu.be/OBWTJvL32fI