Japanese band DeNeel releases ‘Kingdom’ anime theme song, ‘Ignition’

DeNeel, a band from Osaka, Japan, captivated listeners with a nostalgic fresh new sound dubbed, “Osaka revival pop.”

It was released last February 7, featuring the band’s new double A-side single, “Ignition”/”Blackout,” along with a music video for “Ignition” – the song written as the opening theme song to Season 5 of the hit NHK anime series “Kingdom.”

In addition to “Ignition,” the double A-side single also includes “Blackout,” the opening theme song for the drama series “Kanojo to Kareshi no Akarui Mirai,” that began broadcasting on January 11 via Japan’s MBS TV station. These two long-awaited tracks are available for download and streaming services as a double A-side single.

The lyrics for “Ignition” were written by DeNeel vocalist Nakano, a diehard “Kingdom” fan, while the music was composed by guitarist Urano. The song reflects the themes of the anime, expressing the unrelenting assault and tension of battle, with an intensity that will light a blazing fire inside every listener.

The music video for “Ignition” depicts a young student of Shorinji Kempo, a Japanese martial art based on Shaolin kung fu, as he continues his training in a burning temple, even as the flames rise all around him. This is interspersed with footage of the members of DeNeel playing a smouldering performance in front of the temple.