Shinichi Osawa and RHYME’s dance music unit RHYME SO, release first album ‘IAFB’

RHYME SO are a Japanese dance music duo featuring pioneering DJ and producer Shinichi Osawa (MONDO GROSSO) and music partner RHYME.

Since making their debut with US-based music company 88rising, RHYME SO have explored the artistic processes and pathology of creative work in the modern age, with their innovative electro sound revealing the psychology and conflict inherent to the craft of making music.

Released on November 24, RHYME SO’s first full-length album ‘IAFB’ marks an important milestone for the duo. Throughout the album, the euphoric electro songs are infused with acid house-style modulation and deep bass, folding in the destructive power of industrial hip-hop, the deep low end of modern trap, a tech house vibe, and even classic “parapara” and Eurobeat elements – stretching Osawa’s versatile musicality to new limits.

Over this, RHYME’s lyrics coolly and sometimes violently describe the conflicts that artists face in modern times, from the ills of consumerist society to the rise of influencers, lack of self-esteem, feelings of despair and emptiness, and an unquenchable thirst for recognition. These themes intertwine via reinterpreted takes on Japanese poetic verse such as haiku and tanka, resulting in a truly unique album.

‘IAFB’ is a love letter to all music fans and cultural explorers, created by a duo who are constantly searching for “that special something that will provide the next wave of Japanese sound with a bridge to the world”.

The next step in the global evolution of J-pop and dance music has arrived. Check it out and hear it for yourself.