Top macOS Apps for 2023 for Small and Medium Businesses

Top macOS Apps for 2023 for Small and Medium Businesses

The ultimate goal of businesses of all sizes is to grow and expand. When your business grows, you need the right tools to manage every aspect of the business, or you will quickly have your hands full. Since businesses thrive on technology, it is unreal to imagine the lack of the right business apps in a professional environment.

Using a Mac, you can easily install apps to streamline your workflow and boost productivity. There’s an app for everything from acquiring new clients to collaborating with the team. You can find all the apps in the applications folder on Mac.

Let’s look at the top macOS apps for taking your small or medium business to the next level.


Bitrix24 is the tool you need to track employee performance, collaborate on documents, manage projects, secure customer relationships, and host conferences.

Use the timeline option to see how your projects are progressing and talk to your team with the one-click video conferencing feature.

The platform has a simple, user-friendly interface with 35+ collaboration tools. So with this tool, you can collaborate and communicate with your team more straightforwardly than before.

Billing Pro for Mac

Billing Pro for Mac is one of the best tools for small businesses. The software comes with pre-generated templates that make creating and sending estimates to clients easier. In addition, the easy-to-understand templates make it easier for beginners to understand billing and quickly send quotes to potential clients.

The software is the ultimate billing and multi-user time tracking solution for Macs and iPhones. It also comes with a web interface called Timecard, which can be used by non-administrative staff.

Initially, the software was created for service-oriented businesses with one to fifty users. The single solution guarantees maximum flexibility.

Using this software, you can track expenses, time, and mileage anywhere.


The PDF format is universally used, giving rise to several tools for editing them. For example, almost all businesses use PDFs for storing and sharing confidential data. While most PDF editors offer basic features, PDFelement goes beyond to provide you with conversion features and more.

PDFelement is a powerful tool packed with fantastic features to make it easier for businesses to edit PDF documents and collaborate with the team. You can edit PDF files like Word using this tool and add text, images, and shapes to the document or change the font size and style. You can also insert links and add watermarks to your document. Furthermore, you can digitally sign the PDF document before sending it to your team or client. However, the tool comes with a price. Before buying a plan to unlock the advanced features, you can try the tool for free.

Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an online accounting program that lets users manage their banking and finances, automate the selling and buying process, and generate reports and track time.

The software includes accounting features like fine control over the chart of accounts, accrual accounting, and the ability to create journal entries. It is one of the best apps for small businesses in need of making balance sheets and income statements. With this software, you can easily monitor the financial health of your business.

For Android and iOS devices, Zoho Books has a robust mobile accounting application. With the iOS version of the app, you can send estimates, invoices, and statements to clients using the iMessage application. In addition, Apple Maps and GPS enable users to track mileage and convert it into an output. You can even put Siri to work and be reminded of transactions.


If you are seeking CRM apps, the Daylite Productivity Suite is one of the most powerful. It is a comprehensive CRM solution that assists users in tracking their business.

The application functions smoothly with macOS, iPhone, and iPad. You can manage business emails, calendars, or contacts and lend a hand in project monitoring. Also, you can even follow up on business possibilities.

Some of the features of the CRM application are:

  • Works for telecommuters, multi-users, and single users.
  • The app allows users to get everything in a single place, such as appointments, contacts, projects, and tasks.
  • You can quickly transfer the data from your previous CRM system if you were using any to Daylite. You will not experience any data loss.
  • When you have an Internet connection, you can auto-sync your data and then work offline when disconnected.
  • Use the tool to execute appointments, new tasks, etc. You do not have to leave Apple Mail to do this.
  • The new insight view lets users see hundreds of details and patterns at once. There’s also the option of a data filter.
  • The network experts of Daylite are always available to help users set up secure remote access so you can access the database from anywhere, anytime.


These are some of the top macOS apps you can use for growing and managing your business.