Joshua Jackson nixes a ‘Dawson’s Creek’ reunion

Dawson's Creek
Joshua Jackson has quashed hopes of a Dawson’s Creek reunion, claiming fans wouldn’t want to see it.

The 43-year-old actor – who played fan favourite Pacey Witter between 1998 and 2003 – insisted it is unlikely the cast of the teen drama would be following in the footsteps of the stars of ‘Friends’ and getting back together on screen.

He said: “I think because the ‘Friends’ cast were already adults when they were doing the show, it’s less jarring to see them now.”

Dawson’s Creek followed a group of high school friends through to early adulthood and Joshua believes it would “shock” fans to see himself and co-stars James Van Der Beek, 44, Katie Holmes, 42, and 40-year-old Michelle Williams looking so much older now.

He added to the Observer New Review: “If you put our mid-40s selves together on a couch now, with our creaking backs, it might shock people. Nobody needs to hear Pacey grunting when he gets out of a chair.”

While Joshua won’t be back as Pacey, fans can see him in ‘Dr. Death’ as real-life neurosurgeon Christopher Duntch, who was convicted in 2017 of intentionally maiming his patients and the actor admitted he couldn’t turn down the harrowing role.

He said: “‘I found myself not only gripped by the story but the question of how this man happened, how he became so troubled and dark. A pit opened up in my stomach, but it was way too good to pass up”.

But the actor was determined not to make the doctor an obvious “bad guy”.

He said: “I’ve played flawed characters before, but never anything close to this.

“We didn’t want to turn Duntsch into a moustache-twirling bad guy. It’s more compelling and truer to real life if the audience empathise with him at times.

“You glimpse pieces of humanity in him and go, ‘Gosh, did he really do this stuff? He couldn’t possibly. He doesn’t seem that bad.’

“But eventually it’s undeniable. None of us is completely evil or completely good. We’re all fascinating, complex creatures. Duntsch is no different. It’s a case of finding sympathy for the devil.”