Combat COVID-19 with PouchBAND

by Mikaela Ingco

In a country where COVID-19 cases are rising rapidly, checking your body temperature is imperative. However, did you know that there is a much easier way to check your body temperature?

Ilya Kravstov
Ilya Kravstov
Introducing PouchBAND, a wristband that detects and unremittingly keeps track of body temperature, displaying it on the mobile phone via the PouchPASS app.

Developed by the Southeast Asian based company, PouchNATION, it has garnered attention by the masses.

PouchNATION CEO Ilya Kravstov noted that “Your temperature measurement from your wrist is different than your temperature measurements under your armpit and in your mouth.”

Thus, a software and algorithm have been developed to modify the temperature on the wrist to the body temperature. 500 testers globally beta-tested in different temperature to ensure that the temperature reading is precise.

Features of the POUCHBAND

The PouchBAND presents itself with several features against the COVID-19 pandemic.

PouchNATION CEO Ilya Kravstov reveals that there is also “a dashboard where you have a history of the past fourteen days, so where you can see the trends.”

Ilya Kravstov

Kravstov further states that “Inside, it has two sensors. One is a temperature sensor of your skin. The other one is a temperature of your ambience, because your ambience has an impact on your body temp. If you’re in a cold environment or if you’re in a hot environment, it does vary. The last sensor is a Bluetooth sensor that basically synchronizes with the phone but allows you to also determine your location”

Contact tracing is also included

“So the way it works.” Kravstov clarifies “Let’s say I’m wearing a band and another colleague of mine is wearing a band, then I can identify if they are close to each other. It allows me to go back in history and I can do contact tracing so I can understand if individuals both wearing the band were together for the past 14 days and how long they spent together in terms of time and what proximity. One of the individual falls sick and I can send a notification to the other one and say, ‘Hold on. You’ve been in contact with this person at that date for a few hours please be careful. The person has been reported having tested pos for the virus. Pls isolate yourself for a couple days.’”

According to the official website, the wristbands are resistant to dust and water, have three months of battery life, capable of wireless syncing preciseness of temperature.


There are currently two types of PouchBANDS, the PouchBAND and the Pouch Band plus, in which the latter, according to the official website, contains more characteristics and is manufactured with NFC features.

In the Philippines, the PouchBANDS are available in Lazada and Shopee.