Coronavirus stabilizing in Brazil: WHO

The coronavirus pandemic is stabilizing in Brazil and any reversal of its rampant spread in the vast country would be “a success for the world”, the WHO said Friday.

The World Health Organization’s emergencies director Michael Ryan told a virtual press conference that there was a “clear downward trend in many parts of Brazil”.

Brazil has the world’s second-highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths after the United States.

According to the WHO’s COVID-19 dashboard, more than 3.45 million people have tested positive for the virus in Brazil, with 111,100 people having lost their lives.

The country has recorded nearly 6,900 deaths and more than 290,000 cases in the last seven days, according to the UN health agency.

“The acceleration of cases has stabilized but there’s still a very high number of cases and a large number of deaths,” Ryan told reporters.

“Credit to the health workers and the communities in Brazil for taking the necessary actions to stabilize the situation.

“We’re in that difficult period in Brazil where it looks like things could be getting better.

“The question is: is this a lull, can this be continued and can we see that downward trend?” (AFP)

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