Disney to Develop Live-Action Fairy Tale ‘The Snow Queen’

Early talks are underway for Disney to develop “The Snow Queen,” the fairy tale from Hans Christian Andersen, into a live-action production. The project will reportedly be produced by Kristin Burr, who is also behind the production of the “Cruella,” the live-action adaptation spinoff of “101 Dalmatians.”

According to Dis Insider, the details of “The Snow Queen” live-action are still being kept under wraps. However, this movie is reportedly brand new despite earlier comparisons to Disney’s hit film “Frozen.”

Disney has already done bits of “The Snow Queen” in its fairy tale drama series “Once Upon A Time” on ABC. Elizabeth Mitchell played the character of Ingrid the Snow Queen, which was established on the show as the aunt of Elsa and Anna from “Frozen.”

According to reports, Disney actually considered developing “The Snow Queen” as early as the 1930s but the project was abandoned for many reasons. It was revisited when Disney dominated the animation industry in the 1990s and was actually pitched in the early 2000s before “Frozen” came to life.

Andersen published “The Snow Queen” in 1844 as a tale between good and evil. The story eventually became one of the author’s most highly-acclaimed literary works and has been reprinted more times than his other masterpieces.

Like “Frozen,” this tale also centered on family, inner power and love. Andersen weaved a different story, however, which was much more intricate than the Disney animated film.

“The Snow Queen” also featured a sibling, Kay and Gerda, who are brother and sister. Greda spent much of her life looking for Kay after he is taken by the Snow Queen. Andrsen’s tale is actually divided into seven books with the final chapter featuring a grown-up and reunited Kay and Gerda.

According to an analysis, the story of “The Snow Queen” ultimately sends this message: that with grit and love, the powerless and marginalized can even triumph over the powerful.