Joaquin Phoenix Offered to Play Captain Hook for Disney’s ‘Peter Pan and Wendy’

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The award-winning “Joker” actor Joaquin Phoenix reportedly received an offer to play the villain Captain Hook in the upcoming live-action film “Peter Pan and Wendy” from Disney. Phoenix. Set for filming in the spring of this year, the movie has been planned for release in the studio’s streaming platform Disney Plus.

According to The Illuminerdi, the offer is still in contention and it’s likely that there are other actors in the running for the role. Here’s the character description for Captain Hook from Disney: “An unhinged, dramatic, and menacing swordsman, who is out to seek revenge on Peter Pan for cutting his hand off and feeding it to a crocodile. When Hook takes Wendy’s brothers John and Michael hostage he uses them as bait to lure Peter Pan.”

Earlier, reports revealed that Margot Robbie is also in contention to play Tinkerbell in the upcoming live-action. The “Birds of Prey” star has yet to accept the role of Peter Pan’s sidekick and voice of reason.

“Peter Pan and Wendy” has yet to cast its lead stars, who play four important characters, as indicated in this character breakdown below:

  • Peter Pan – 10 to 14 years – The boy who will never grow up. An enchanted child that’s a confident and courageous warrior, with and without a sword.
  • Wendy – 12 to 14 years – A sly girl, full of good-natured energy, who is conflicted by her pending departure to boarding school. She is not quite ready to step into the adult world.
  • John Darling – 9 to 11 years – A budding child with an old soul. However, the mature youth is not above playfully fencing and rough-housing with his brother and sister.
  • Michael Darling – 6 to 9 years – A delightful child rarely seen without his closest friend, his teddy bear.

David Lowery is directing the movie with Toby Halbrooks as the writer. The project has been in development for over two years. Disney has yet to announce its release date.